Services Update: Sydney Lockdown August 2021

Yeah, lockdown for Greater Sydney got extended to the end of September (NSW Health Facebook announcement).

I haven’t been operating in-person since the last update, and restrictions are even tighter now too. I’m sorry, I just cannot risk in-person sessions, even under the guise of exercise or “work that cannot be done from home”. I’m super bummed about it all, as the one advantage to being a trainer & behaviour specialist is getting to pat all the pets!

The good news is I’m getting better at online consults! I have Harry Helperdog and Roxy on-hand live if needed for demonstrations and embarrassments…

Harry Helperdog demonstrates “sit” in Puppy School

Services update:

  • All currently scheduled in-person consults/sessions will be rescheduled, with online consults offered at no additional cost; you will be contacted individually
  • New clients for Pawsonal Dog Training Programs or Pawsonal Cat Behaviour Consults will start online, moving to in-person after lockdown if needed
  • Lifetime support clients can also book casual online consults, almost any time!
  • August Puppy School will continue all weeks online, with a reunion to be planned when lockdown lifts
  • September Puppy School will now be scheduled online in its entirety 😔
  • The Social Walk planned for Sunday 29 August will be switched to a live online event
  • Behaviour assessments remain suspended as they cannot be done online, though if you have questions about orders or declarations we can discuss in an online consult
  • Anyone interested in a group online sessions / workshops (for example Rescue Groups foster carer workshops) please reach out; I’m sure we can work something out!
  • I’m opening up my client Facebook group to anyone that wants to join and talk dog, cat, any pet really, and get the hints & tips I share there:

I know it’s frustrating. We’ve got to hang in there, together, and get through as best we can. For mine, I will continue to provide the same time, same attention, same course materials, and same standards of service online as I do in-person.

I’m here for you.

Please, take care.

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