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This includes the treats I used throughout puppy school, sound exposure app & playlist, and info on dog sports, among other things.

Feeding & Treats

I was using Prime100 spd roll cut into cubes as treats, mostly the Kangaroo & Pumpkin flavour (https://prime100.com.au/product_categories/single-protein-diet/). The more common flavours are available from pet stores and vets, though some less common flavours may be reserved for purchase for dogs undergoing an elimination diet.

This and many other treat and meal options are available for delivery in Sydney from All Pets Pantry https://www.allpetspantry.com.au/ 

For support on adding raw & fresh food to your dogs diet and interesting nutrition discussions, please check out this Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/rawandfresh/ (not my group).

And this website is Sydney local Narelle, with an eBook on puppy feeding, plus awesome stuff on supplements, reading dog food labels and such: https://naturalhealthandnutrition.com.au/ 

Socialisation to Sounds

Dogs think in pictures & patterns, so isolating the sound from everything else associated helps make the entire picture less potentially scary or exciting. For sound exposure & desensitisation, I used the Sound Proof Puppy Training App (week 1), https://www.amysprepuppyschool.com/sound-proof-puppy-training-app

Get creative and use the actual items in another room, YouTube or why not look at Spotify and make your own playlist, like this one: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5zt4k6o3IxesJp5HbcWyAu?si=c5c1YppIRW2UeDOOLyBu7Q&nd=1) (with thanks to Danielle, Remy & Parker’s mum)

Start with the sounds at very low volume & play it while they eat dinner or breakfast, perhaps while you play or train (not relaxation time), or even on a walk. As they assimilate the sounds and become thoroughly bored with them, gradually increase the volume.


Here are a couple of the lovely people I am aware of:

There are definitely others around, so please let me know if you would like more options – finding a groomer can be very personal, like finding a hairdresser!

Pet Sitting & Boarding

Pet Sitting can be a great option as your pet gets to stay in their own familiar environment. There are options from live-in sitters (includes house-sitting) or drop-in visits only, so you should discuss your preferences, needs and expectations with potential pet sitters. These suggestions are in no particular order:

Boarding can be emotional in a different way, as you are usually leaving your pet in a different environment – either home-style or kennel-style – and not all dogs cope well. Best advice is to ask them lots of questions about their services, frequency & duration of time spent, feeding schedules, play time, etc, for all packages, and inspect the premises where possible. It is important you are comfortable with the location and staff you choose. Some include board & train type packages, which can be advantageous but does require a good handover lesson for you to apply what was taught at home. These suggestions are in no particular order:

Further Training, Dog Sports & Activities

If you’d like to go on to do more training, of course keep an eye on my socials as I frequently run Social Walks, and occasionally run additional or focussed Life Skills type classes. These few also have good offerings in the local area:

An obedience club will also have the levels you can work through and usually offer a structured training environment. The local clubs are:

These clubs should also offer obedience as a sport, plus if you’re interested in sports or other activities, there are so many options! If you’d like more info than provided here, please get in touch!

Other Stuff

UrineFREE: Enzymatic Urine Stain Cleaner for Pet Urine
Use coupon code PAWSONALITY to get 15% off!

Enrichment toys and long lines (discussed in week 4), other toys & leashes available at Wildhunde https://wildhunde.com/ 

Beautiful collars, leashes & other dog products available at Haus of Harley http://hausofharley.com/Their sister company Darby’s Dog Deli & Bakery also makes delicious gourmet treats http://www.darbys.dog/ 

Other toys & equipment (including sports-specific items) available at Einzweck: https://einzweck.com/ 

Local Wedding Chaperone Service: Shell at Pets As Guests https://www.facebook.com/Petsasguests 



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