Marcia grew up in a pet-loving home, surrounded by dogs & cats of all shapes & sizes. She took on her first dog in 1994, since then working in various formal & informal rescue settings.

Inspired through her rescue experience, Marcia formally studied dog training & behaviour at Hanrob Animal College, and in 2010 Pawsonality was born – training and behaviour that works with the individual pet’s personality. She then studied feline behaviour and subsequently completed Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. She also regularly attends seminars and dedicates time to personal education & research, to stay as up-to-date as possible.

After spending 2-years in a large Sydney pound, seeing many animal and social welfare issues first hand, Marcia joined Team Dog in 2014 as a volunteer Community Support Worker. Team Dog works on programs to assist pet owners navigate the Companion Animal Legislation, particularly in relation to impounded pets and dog declarations.

Marcia is a Professional member of the IACP – International Association of Canine Professionals.