Group Dog Training Classes

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Life Skills Group Classes

A monthly group class intended for dogs 4+ months of age, focussed on developing and proofing life skills to help you live well and build your relationship with your dog.

Classes are available:

  • Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital, second Saturday of the month, 11:30am
  • Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC), third Saturday of the month, 12:00 midday

There is no set minimum or maximum number of classes – pick the topic or topics that interests you the most.
Each class is $50 per dog, or $25 per Lifetime Support Dog*

Upcoming classes are:

  • June: Leash Training – learning how to physically control your dog under different circumstances
    • Quakers Hill 8th June
    • BARC 22nd June
  • July: Place Training – teaching your dog to go to a “place” and be calm
    • Quakers Hill 13th July
    • BARC 20th July
  • August: Recall – learning how to get your dog to return to you reliably
    • Quakers Hill 10th August
    • BARC 17th August
  • September: General handling – teaching your dog to be comfortable being handled by you, your Vet, or your groomer
    • Quakers Hill 14th September
    • BARC 21st September

Please email with the following:

  • your preferred class & location
  • your Dog’s name, age, breed & vaccination status
  • contact telephone number

*Lifetime Support Dogs are those that have completed a Pawsonal In-home program or Puppy School Graduates.