My dog poops in the house!

(inappropriate toileting in dogs)

Where are they allowed to go? Always use lots of praise when they go there. It can be helpful to put a command to it so you can get it on cue too.

Break the routine / set up a new one.

Don’t rub their noses in it! The “guilt” you see is actually the dog picking up on your emotional reaction, and not that they’ve toileted in the wrong spot. As toileting is natural but your reaction is bad, it can make dogs fear the act itself, and reinforce them hiding toileting from you. This means you lose the ability to praise when they do go in the right spot.

Clean, clean, clean the spots they’ve been that are not appropriate. Dogs are naturally attracted to spots they’ve been before. Use a non ammonia based product, specialised for cleaning dog waste.

Call me, I can help.

Check out this handy article for more:

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