HELPPPPPPPPPPPP! Any advice on farting dogs?

Well unlike our partners (cough) dog farting is not a behavioural issue, but just like us the frequency and odour are usually related to diet; some foods have different ‘fire power’.

Highly processed canned dog food can smell much the same fresh from the can as it does as farts & faeces. Some kibble has high grain content, which can ferment in the tummy & cause gas. Some raw meats impact some dogs differently – red meat seems to be more fart-inducing and for some reason in this household, lamb has a diabolical aftermath.

Consider how much you are feeding. Larger meals take longer to digest, which can lead to smellier omissions.

Feeding basic chicken & rice in smaller portions can sometimes stabilise things after a tummy upset. You can then start re-adding other ingredients slowly, which might help you pinpoint the smelly cause.

Changing diet too suddenly can cause tummy upsets too. If switching from canned to raw or to a specialist kibble, do it gradually to avoid shocking the system (and to appeal more to doggie-fussy-pants).

Some dogs will benefit for supplements, such as extra Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils, coconut oil, probiotics, green lipped mussel, the list goes on! Take Google research with a grain of salt – what works for one person’s dog may not work for yours.

Do chat with your vet – especially if things are chronic. There could be an age-related issue, allergy or some other underlying factor. And like with us, chronic gas is uncomfortable for your dog.

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