Let’s start with the definition again, cos that was fun last time:


  1. consistent behaviour or treatment
  2. the way in which a substance holds together; thickness or viscosity

I want to talk about the first one. The second is maybe a poop post for another time…

So consistent behaviour or treatment. Acting or doing in the same way over time, especially in order to be fair. To be fair…

It’s not really fair if our dogs and cats get mixed messages from their family about what is or is not acceptable behaviour. Dogs particularly thrive on consistency and routine. It can also lead to our pets “playing” us, if they learn what they can get away with with you, versus other family members. For example, a dog allowed on the couch with one person, is more likely to get on the couch when alone – while a dog never allowed on the couch (and taught an acceptable alternative consistently) will be less likely to get on the couch at all.

Especially when working on problem behaviours or training a new behaviour, our consistency with training what is acceptable and laying good foundations will better set your pets up for success. We must be consistent in understanding the outcomes we want, consistent in our approach, and consistent in our own behaviour.

Call me, I can help.

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