Be an opportunist in your training

I decided to hang out with Roxy for a bit in the morning sun today. As she was doing her “patrols”, nose deep in the smells coming out of the defrosting dew, I took the opportunity to practise recall.

I had to pick the moments carefully, watching her body language to make sure we’d be successful. Her recall isn’t all that fabulous under high distraction – I would usually grab her long line for extra control, but today I trusted the the enclosed yard with my ability to read her. I was an opportunist to the situation in front if me. Running a few successful repetitions (this was the second) added to her reinforcement history, meaning we’re more likely to be successful in future.

Taking small opportunities to train, relaxing into it, and not always trying to control every aspect can work in your favour! In just a few minutes per day it will add up to bigger success, especially for your most challenging behaviours.

Be an opportunist! Call me, I can help.

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